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Solutions - Hybrid Infrastructure

Hybrid Infrastructure Solutions

We have designed, developed and deployed solutions in various areas. From the early stages of consultation, DP can provide the skills required to outline the task, recognise problem areas and design and implement a solution combining On-Premises and Cloud components which we believe will be second to none.

Our Infrastructure Solutions

Using our skills in the products and systems development areas we carefully select high quality components with the goal of maintaing high levels of reliability and continuity, whilst minimising issues caused by poor engineering.
Following are some examples of solutions using building blocks from leading vendors.


Servers and Networking

DP has been designing and building server and network infrastrucure for over 30 years. In more recent years this extends to Servers and Neworks within Public Cloud systems.

We partner with the world's leading suppliers of Server Systems and Public Cloud Infrastructure. We can design, build, extend and maintain systems to suit your specific requirements.

We also offer highly secure Private Cloud Solutions for specialist needs.


Internet Data and Voice Connections

We offer a range of solutions, enabling businesses to connect to the Internet securely.

We can work majority of the communications carriers to deliver a solution to suit your specific needs.

Save time and let us take care of the design, planning and delivery for your business.

Remote Access

Wide Area Networks (WAN) for organisations with more than one office and include large franchise operations.

Remote Connectivity for businesses with small branch offices, home offices, mobile staff that need to access business data securely.

We have solutions that provide employ secure login methods and encryption technologies to ensure your data and systems remain secure and protected.

Private Networks

Certain business applications require the highest level of protection. Private networks allow you to link various sites, campuses and Cloud assets together. Private Networks allow businesses to seamlessly share business applications and data whilst keeping them away from public networks and minimising risk of intrusions and theft.

Power Management

Organisations that use information storage and processing systems can suffer significant losses due to power failure. As the delivery and quality of mains power is not guaranteed Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems and Software can reduce the risk of data loss or corruption.

Redundant & Fault Tolerant Systems

Business's with high availability requirements can consider advanced technology option to protect against various types of failures,

  • Redundant Power Supply Systems to protect data and uptime
  • Advanced Storage Technologies to protect critical business data
  • Redundant and Replication Systems to minimise downtime
  • Advanced Load Balancing Systems to assist with supporting variable work loads

Network & Service Monitoring

Network monitoring allows businesses to monitor the status of critical IT assets.

Monitoring systems can be used to monitor and manage availability, capacity, threat detection, intrusion and range of other alerts.

The periodic review and analysis of monitoring data also allows for planning and management on a ongoing basis. This technology can be used to monitor a range of On-Premises and Cloud systems including Servers, Network Infrastructure, Client and Mobile Devices and any other Technology assets.

DP can provide a range of monitoring solutions based on leading edge technologies.

Hybrid Infrastructure


We’re solution engineering experts here to assist you with your requirements

Engage with us, for a no obligation discussion, so we can explore the possibilities.

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