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About Us

Your local ICT service provider

The Beginning

DP was established in 1987 as a University start-up Company, specifically focused on technology research, design and manufacturing with the objective of providing quality innovative products, an unparalelled level of technical expertise and customer service.

In the last three decades our ability to adapt our technical expertise combined with a significant investment in our people, processes and technology has accelerated our growth in many areas such as IT Consulting, Hybrid Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Hybrid Cloud and Application and Middleware development.

With a vast array of knowledge and experience our people are committed to delivering quality solutions and services.

Our clients represent many industries including Building and Construction, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Professional Services/Consulting, Transport and Logistics. While many IT suppliers service vertical markets, we service clients across a range of industries. Digital Peripherals does not directly supply industry specific software. Instead, we achieve this by partnering with various software developers or agents who specialise in a particular industry.

Our extensive skills in product and systems development enable us to rigorously select high quality products, minimizing issues such as incompatibilities and continuity. While many vertical market total solution providers believe their approach is better as a "one stop shop", we believe no single vendor can fulfill all your Information Technology needs.Subsequently, by managing our clients network infrastructure and partnering with other technology vendors we believe we can provide our clients with a total solution and establish a foundation for great success.

To establish a long term relationship built on trust and also one that is developed by implementing various technology based solutions that assist in making your business more efficient and successful.


Effective communication is the foundation of successful projects. Good communication unites all team members to a project's strategy and objectives for our clients and their stakeholders.


Over more than three decades, DP has established systems that guide our teams to follow processes and best practices so that we can deliver with repeatability, efficiency and quality.


Within DP we know what to expect from our team members. Together we pursue success, so that our customers can rely on what can be achieved by DP.

The Promise

Our team of IT professionals will always strive to deliver on all we promise and to play a valued role in fulfilling our customers requirements.

DP Core Value

We’re here to assist you

About DP

DP (Digital Peripherals) is a leading provider of IT services to a range of industries across Australia.
Your IT Project + DP = Success.