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Solutions - Cyber Security

Cyber Security

As businesses grow and evolve, day to day operating needs take priority and non-core activities can lose of focus. Don’t make it easy for Cyber criminals to exploit your businesses' technology weaknesses.
Contact DP, so that we can assess your current environment and help you secure your ICT environment.

Web Protection

The use of the Internet browser has become ubiquitous as a result of cloud apps. As a result, a large range of business activity is completed via the web today.

Now more than ever businesses need to manage and protect themselves from a range of cyber threats. We have a range of centrally managed web access solutions to minimise the risk of  data and financial losses.

These solutions can monitor, report, alert, block or carry out other actions which help increase productivity and reduce overall cyber risk.

Network Security & VPN

With speed comes increased risk. For many businesses, the NBN has delivered higher speed Internet connectivity.

With the roll out of the Internet many businesses continue to use low-cost devices with limited cyber protection capability.

Upgrade today to an enterprise grade firewall and protect your network from cyber criminals. We have range of products to suit most businesses. These products support Virtual Private Network Connections (VPNs), allowing secure connection from home office and other mobile environments.

User Access

Identity Management

As businesses migrate their Applications and Data to various cloud platforms, employees need to manage an ever increasing number of login names and passwords for the various Cloud platforms. As a result, employees may choose to use simple passwords, re-use the same passwords on multiple systems or document the passwords inside their Smart Phones, Tablets, email and other non-secure systems and documents.

From a management perspective, adding or removing a single user from an organisation can take significant amount of time. This also creates the opportunity for mistakes by network administrators, creating potential security risks and user frustration.

Centralised management is the key to reducing risks and managing costs. We have over 25 years of experience in managing centralised login/directory systems and associated technologies.

We can provide a range of solutions to help manage identities across various platforms making it easier for businesses to secure their systems and simplify the login process for employees.

Mail Protection

Increase staff productivity and decrease risk of phishing and ransomware attacks by reducing unwanted and harmful emails.


  • Block emails viruses
  • Customised content filtering
  • Impostor protection.
  • Protection against targeted attacks
  • Outbound protection to minimise data leak or data loss
  • Emergency inbox in case of mail system failure (eg. Microsoft 365 outages, internal mail system outage)
  • Search and Discovery to support compliance or other legal requirements

Mobile Device Management

The ever increasing number of mobile devices including Notebooks, Smart Phones and Tablets pose serious challenges for businesses.

Mobile device management system, provides a mechanism by which businesses can register, secure and manage these devices from a central platform.

Virtual Local Area Networks

Virtual LANs allow you to isolate and protect critical and sensitive traffic on your networks.

This ensures that devices on any given network are only able to view and connect to their respective networks. Its also adds an extra layer of protection by isolation segments or services within the business.

Cyber Security


We’re cyber security experts here to help you protect your business

Engage with us, so we can explore the possibilities. We also offer no cost basic risk assessments.

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