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Software Development

Software Development

Apps + Middleware

  • Cross Platform Applications in Java for Apple Mac OS, Microsoft Windows or Linux based platforms
  • Applications for Microsoft Windows based platforms
  • Intranet Applications
  • Field Systems (Handhelds)
  • Web Sever Applications

Cross Platform Applications based on Java or Ruby

Discover the power of cross platform application development. Write once and run on many different platforms with with virtually no modifications to your software.

Microsoft Windows based Applications

Many businesses software requirements cannot be solved with 'off-the-shelf' or shrink wrap software. Businesses looking to improve their efficiency through systems improvement require custom software that matches their requirements. Using a consultative approach Digital Peripherals can define software requirements and following approval, can design, develop, test and implement the software system.

Intranet Applications

While the approach is similar to typical software development projects, these applications use Internet and/or browser based technologies.A typical example would be the implementation of a Content Management System for publishing policies and procedures to staff.

Field Systems (Handhelds)

Mobile solutions to suit industry specific requirements. Examples include Inventory Management, Surveys and Transport and Logistics.

Web Server Applications

These applications focus on providing clients or staff access to information via the Internet. Applications include interactive web sites to give clients greater access to product and service information. This could be in the form of part numbers, pricing, availability, placement and tracking of orders.

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