Digital Peripherals has designed, developed and deployed solutions in many areas. From the early stages of consultation, Digital Peripherals can provide the skills required to outline the task, recognise problem areas and design and implement a solution which we believe will be second to none. By using our skills in the products and systems development areas to carefully select high quality products we have minimized issues such as incompatibilities and continuity.

Following are some examples of solutions we can provide using building blocks from leading vendors.

Internet Access Solutions
Security - Firewalls and Access Control Systems, Intrusion Detection/Protection Systems
Performance - High speed access and caching systems
Information Publishing on the Web - Web Servers including interactive systems with databases.
Messaging Systems - Mail servers with secure remote access capabilities.

Remote Access Solutions
Wide Area Networks (WAN) for organisations with more than one office and include large franchise operations.
Remote Connectivity - For business with small branch offices or home offices who need access to office program and applications.

Information Storage
File Servers and Print Servers - In their simplest form used to store documents, spreadsheets, presentations, accounting data and similar items. In more complex forms include email,fax and document management systems.

Data Backup Systems
To protect from loss of valuable data via the use of various backup technologies. Ranging from in house storage servers with auto loaders through to Internet or Private network online backup systems.

Power Management
Organisations that use information storage and processing systems can suffer significant losses due to power failure. As the delivery and quality of mains power is not guaranteed Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems and appropriate shutdown software can reduce the risk of data loss or corruption.

Redundant and Fault Tolerant Systems
Business systems that require a minimum amount of downtime can consider advanced technology options such as redundant power supply systems to guard against power supply failure, RAID technology to protect against Hard Disk or Storage System failure, ALB to protect against network connection failures. With the use of SANs and Clustering Technology you can also guard against complete server failures.

Network and Service Monitoring
We provide a range of monitoring solutions. These are based on leading edge technologies. Applications, services, servers and network devices can be monitored 24 x 7 allowing detection of various events without manual supervision. The early detection of issues and faults assists in reduction of potential downtime.