Network and System Integration

* VOIP based Telephony
* Device Integration with Internet of Things
* OS Integration (Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Suse Linux)
* Multi-Vendor Networks (LAN, WAN or OS level)
* Centralised Management (Directory Systems)
* Automated Deployment
* Systems Software Integration (ERP to Web Portals, etc..)
* Turnkey Solutions

VOIP based Telephony
The standardisation of VOIP through SIP based technology, has made VOIP a proposition worth considering. Digital Peripherals in partnership with leading providers in this field is able to design and implement a VOIP based solution based on your existing Key or PBX based analog (PSTN) or ISDN based system. This has benefits such as reducing call costs as well bringing more advanced features such as Computer based Telephony (CTI) for use in customer relationship management systems.

Device Integration
Many businesses require the use of time recorders, magnetic strip card readers, barcode scanners, handheld/PDA, Time tracking, GPS and other such devices to improve the efficiency of their business. Digital Peripherals can assist software developers or device suppliers integrate one or more devices to complete a solution. We can provide technical consultancy, hardware and or software design, implementation and troubleshooting expertise.

OS Integration
Some solutions require the use of Operating Systems or Network Operating Systems from more than one vendor. We can design and implement solutions that allow multiple Operating Systems to reduce redundancy by sharing various resources such as user authentication databases, printers, backup devices, network management software and many others.

Multi-Vendor Networks
By using products that meet open standards, Digital Peripherals is able to use the building blocks from various networking vendors and create high performance, reliable and manageable networks. Our partners include Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard, Cisco Systems, Aerohive Networks, Sophos, Microsoft, Suse and many others.

Centralised Management
Centralised management is the key to reducing downtime and network management costs. Too many products require a user to individually login to a workstation or service. Users are required to remember more than a dozen passwords in some cases. Adding or removing a single user from an organisation can take significant amount of time also creating the opportunity for mistakes by network administrators and resulting in user frustration. Users all too often end up using common easy to remember words as passwords to compensate for the inconvenience and thus increasing the risk of security breaches. Digital Peripherals has experience with products such as Directory Services which can tie together authentication services and many other services to greatly reduce the cost of network management.

Automated Deployment
Installing and configuring Operating Systems and Software Applications can be extremely time consuming and expensive. It can take hours if not days sometimes to install a new workstation or re-deploy a workstation after component failure or virus attacks. With the use of products such as Zenworks, Digital Peripherals can implement a network solution which can automate most of the above tasks.

Systems Software Integration
Solutions we offer under this banner leverage the use of Active Directory or E-Directory technology and provide a single point of management.

Turnkey Solutions
By bringing together one or more of the technologies listed above Digital Peripherals can design and implement a turnkey solution to meet your specific needs.