# Strategic Planning for Small and Medium Size business
# New Site Planning
# Network Design
# SOE Design
# Reliability and Risk Analysis
# Vendor and Product Review
# Site Audit

Strategic Planning for Small and Medium Size Business
The rapid rate at which Information Technology changes makes it almost impossible for most small and medium sized businesses to select the appropriate technology. Most manufacturers and retailers focus on a marketing based approach rather than looking at a clients requirements. Digital Peripherals has the skills to learn about your businesses' and design a plan or a solution to meet your specific requirements.

New Site Planning
Relocating an existing office or setting up new offices can be challenging if not difficult. Digital Peripherals can inspect architectural plans for new or existing premises and propose specifications that meet physical, thermal, maintenance and operational requirements. We can also provide assistance in specifying IT equipment requirements for local use or provide branch office communications solutions.

Network Design
Digital Peripherals has been involved in network design since 1989. We understand networking technology at hardware and software levels. Today networks can comprise of a large range of systems and components including switches, routers, firewalls, servers, storage systems, workstations and other network devices. Careful network design can minimize downtime and enhance performance, leading to greater productivity and user satisfaction.

SOE Design
As we are faced with many options with most products today, many organisations prefer to standardize various components or building blocks that make up their networks and systems. This reduces the complexity in the decision making process for purchasing or internal IT departments. We can work with the appropriate staff in your organisation and define the "standard operating environment" for various sytems in your organisation.

Reliability and Risk Analysis
Networks and Systems often grow without planning. Systems or devices are purchased and added as required without the proper analysis. In some cases, this can lead to information technology structures with many hidden pitfalls which only reveal themselves at the least convenient time. With our strong hardware and software background we can analyse the structure of existing systems and propose possible improvements to reduce the risk of failures.

Vendor and Product Review
Comparing vendors and their products whether it be from responses to a tender or for the selection of a system can be daunting task. With Vendors and Products entering and exiting various market segments almost everyday, unlimited warranties, promises of performance, customer care and so many other attributes that analysis can sometimes cost more than the products. Digital Peripherals since its commencement in 1987 has had dealings with hundreds of manufactures and suppliers and thousands of products in many areas. With this experience in hand we are able to offer invaluable advice to most businesses.

Site Auditing
Knowing exactly what businesses own is more important than ever before. With many businesses fulfilling their IT requirements from various sources maintaining a list of IT resources can be quite difficult. Site audits can produce an asset register which can be used to assist in insurance claims in case of burglary, fire or other damage. It can also assist it determining your software licensing requirements.