Cloud Solutions

DP has partnered with a range pf vendors to provide a range of Cloud technologies and solutions.

Cloud Solutions include the following benefits
#Reduced implementation times
#No capital outlay on hardware
#Less dependency on local infrastructure

DP can provide consultation specific to your business requirements and assist in implementation of Cloud Products and Services from a range of vendors. We can provide the following Cloud Services with or without additional managed services.

Online Backup
Allows your business data to be backed securely to a secure server in the cloud. This eliminates the need for complex local backup infrastructure and daily tape or disk swap procedures. All data is automatically offsite reducing the requirement for complex offsite rotation systems. Data can be restored to any device anywhere subject to the availability of Internet connection.

Anti-Spam Filtering
Existing email can be filtered eliminating ever increasing volume of unwanted email messages and reduces significant security risks associated with phising emails, malware and other virus attachments.

Mail Archiving
Business are required to comply with a range of regulatory requirements which includes the storage of business emails for a number of years. Mail Archiving allow the storage of existing emails to be stored for as long as 10 years. This also protects employers from malicious employees who sometimes delete company emails upon exit from the business.

Hosted Messaging
Many small businesses find it difficult to justify the cost of implementing a fully fledged mail system that can support mobile email, calendaring and task management features. Microsoft’s Office365 Exchange solution provides a range of features that can assist businesses improve productivity by integrating with other applications and services.

Virtual Servers
A range of business requirements require servers that can host various business applications. DP can consult, design, build and host servers across Windows and Linux platforms from various data centres locally and internationally. These servers are rented on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis depending on requirements.

Hosted Firewalls
Network security is of paramount importance in the Internet enabled business environment. DP has design, implement and host business grade firewalls for businesses.

Network Monitoring and Management
Cloud based network monitoring allows businesses to monitor their critical IT assets and receive realtime alerts which can assist greatly in reducing down time. The periodic review and analysis of monitoring data also allows for planning of load management and upgrades on a ongoing basis. This technology can be used to monitor Servers, Workstations, Notebooks, Infrastructure, Mobile Devices and other IT assets.

Mobile Device Management
The ever increasing number of mobile devices including Smart Phones and Tablets pose serious challenges for businesses. Mobile device management provides a mechanism by which businesses can identify, secure and manage these devices.